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Abe and Mary: A Family Portrait
Sun, FEB 18, 2018, 02:00pm

Herschel and Jacque Stroud"The Lincoln Album was kept by the Lincolns while in the White House.  The album was lost, but found again in 1985.  Harold Holzer and Mark Neely wrote a book about the album, and the speech is based on their book, and what happened to the Lincoln descendents.  We are not Abe and Mary, but Herschel and Jacque, appearing in period clothing, and commenting about Abe and Mary."

For the past twenty years, the Strouds have actively studied, experienced, and talked about life during the Civil War.  They have lectured on Civil War medicine from coast to coast, touring five years on the Associated Clubs Nationwide Circuit, and appearing at museums, round tables, medical meetings, schools, and civic organizations.  They have slept on the ground in cornfields, eaten hardtack with weevils, shared chiggers and ticks, and shed blood on some of the most famous Civil War battlefields in tha nation.

Location The View Community Center, 13500 Byars Road, Grandview, MO