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Events Calendar

Tour of State Historical Society of Missouri
Fri, SEP 30, 2022, 01:30pm

On Friday, September 30th at 1:30 p.m. the Round Table will be taking a guided tour of The State Historical Society of Missouri in Columbia, MO.  The address is 605 Elm Street.  Physically it is located at the corner of Elm and Sixth Street.  There is free parking at the building.  When you arrive, go into the main lobby to the reception desk and they will give you a placard to hang from your rear-view mirror.  We will meet in the lobby.  The most direct route to the facility is south on Providence Road to Elm Street.  Make a left turn and you will see the building about two blocks ahead on your left.  Make a left on 6th Street and you will find the parking lot.

Membership in the State Historical Society of Missouri

Members are the foundation of the State Historical Society of Missouri.  Your passion for Missouri breathes life into our state's history through inspiring lectures, thriving research centers across the state, increased online accessibility to collections, and engaging workshops.  Together, we unite people from all walks of life through a common thread:  a love of Missouri and a passion for its history and culture.

Your support provides more than just preservation of historic materials; it brings the unique heritage of Missouri and its people to life for audiences worldwide.


  • Missouri Historical Review scholarly journal
  • Missouri Times newsletter
  • 10% off in the Richard Bookstore

The yearly dues for an individual is $40.  You can join in person if you visit their headquarters on September 30th with the Round Table, or you can join on-line at  Beverly Shaw thinks that you will get your money’s worth with just the publications you receive such as the Missouri Historical Review and the Missouri Times newsletter.

Location State Historical Society of Missouri, 605 Elm Street, Columbia, MO